With Night in the Woods on its way to the Nintendo Switch, we can’t help but think about where we’d like to play it.

Sure, the game is already incredible and a blast to play from its story to its art, but being able to take it to different locations can only enhance the experience. From warm and cozy local restaurants to dank, dark caverns, these five locations are perfect places to liven up your portable enjoyment of a weird autumn.

A Pierogi Shop

When Mae and Greg decide to toss back a few pierogis after a successful crime, we guarantee you’ll be craving some flakey, meat-and-potato-filled goodness. With that in mind, your local pierogi vendor is the ideal place to be. As Mae hurls those delicious slices of Central European cuisine into Greg’s face, you can stuff your own with a real world version and support one of your local businesses as a result. It’s a win-win!

A Greyhound Station

Why let a miscommunication with your ride home get you down? If you find yourself stuck at your local long distance bus transit station, cheer yourself up by guiding Mae out of her own miscommunication. As she leaps through the dank nature of the outskirts of Possum Springs, you can imagine the adventures that await you when you finally decide to trek back home on foot. Sure you could call an Uber, but where’s the fun in that?

The Dead Of Winter

The main game may celebrate the beauty of autumn, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the game during the other three seasons. When winter rolls around, the soft silence and frigid temperatures serve as a perfect setting for a play through of some of the game’s prequel content, The longest night. As you guide the adventurer Adina Astra on her quest to find a lost constellation, you can traverse your own winter wastes, venturing to return home or just to find shelter from a frozen demise. Fun!

An Abandoned Mineshaft

Are you certain there’s nothing unusual going on in your town? If the climax of Night in the Woods is any indication, you never know what might be happening behind the scenes, and it’s in no way dangerous to go rooting around some abandoned mining tunnels to make sure. On the off chance you’re captured by unsavory cultists or malevolent spirits though, you can bring along the game for entertainment as you await your sordid fate. And who knows: Maybe your captors will be distracted by the phenomenal storytelling and eye catching art long enough for you to escape to freedom.

In The Company Of Others

Of course, one of the best way’s you could enjoy the game is with friends and family who haven’t yet experienced it’s story. Whether it’s hooked up to a television or on the portable screen, you can all cling together as the existential dread sets in and then appreciate each other as the game’s credo rolls across the screen: At the end of everything, you can hold onto something.

Know of any other great places to play at once Night in the Woods hits the Nintendo eShop? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to find out whether the game takes home any of the awards it’s nominated for at the Independent Games Festival 2018 Awards.

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