Several months ago a game called Aground came out on sites like Armor Games, Kongregate and Newgrounds. While there are many games with similar mechanics, there’s something about Aground that catches your eye. Possibly the graphic style and how addictive it is.

In Aground we play as a man who wakes up on an island after a crash. He’s one of the few survivor left of humanity. As the game starts we only have an axe, but we’ll progress to building things like a shelter, a smelter or a farm, mining for minerals and even flying with dragons.

We also find other survivors that will help us along our way, by giving us quests and helping us with some of our tasks.

Why take Aground to Kickstarter?

Simply because Fancy Fish Games want to make Aground much larger than it is. While the game is already big (if we consider the sites it has been released to) they want to make it even bigger. Fancy Fish wants to take Aground to the stars. Literally!

The game as it is right now consists of the starting island and two more. But the plan is to take our character to explore the galaxy. As the game is now we have the island where we start and two more. But these two islands offer a branching path, one of them takes us to the magic path and the other to the science path. Although it’s possible to have a third option and swing between those two islands freely.


Each path will change the way we will reach the stars, and the ending too. And this is where Kickstarter comes into play. With the funding Fancy Fish get from Kickstarter they will develop an early access version that will cover up to the first planet you can visit. And from then on they will continue developing the full game. They plan to develop Aground for PC, Mac and Linux and they will offer DRM-free versions of the game.

Aground already has a dedicated community with a subreddit and a Discord server so hopefully they will get behind this effort and help make Aground as great as it deserves. Keep your eyes peeled for when their Kickstarter launches on January 31st!

Abel G.C.

Abel G.C.

Abel G.C. is a writer and game development student. He was born in Spain but lives in Ireland. He was raised on graphic adventures since childhood and if he stops drinking green tea he might die.
Abel G.C.


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Abel G.C.