What does the fox say? If you ask the foxes from Vulpine they’ll probably cut you.

Two years ago, Clockwork Giant Games first brought Vulpine to Kickstarter. Unfortunately, the project fell short of its funding goal. The devs promised they would be back and last week they made good on that promise, launching their second attempt at Kickstarter funding. So far the new campaign looks promising.

What’s different with Vulpine this time?

For starters, their goal is slightly lower. The original project had a $30,000 goal, but only amassed $21,180 by the close of the campaign. This time they’re only asking for $22,000. Needless to say, things are looking much better this time around.

The heart of Vulpine remains unchanged, it’s still an exploration and survival game. The changes that have been made have all been for the better. The graphics have improved, they are still low poly style, but the character models look more polished. The UI has been revamped as well.

Players can still pick from three different playable animals (foxes, rabbits and bears). Now though, the weapons choices aren’t linked to each specific animal. Players can bring any of the three available weapons to the fight with the animal of their choice.

And while the game still has online and offline modes, there has been an important change. Building and crafting mechanics have disappeared. Players will still gather resources, but now they are used to upgrade your weapon.

Don’t miss the remaining days of Vulpine’s Kickstarter campaign.

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