Polymorph Games is looking to bring the city-builder genre to medieval times with Foundation, a gridless simulator focusing on organic city development.

Featuring resource management, city building, and monument building, players start as the lord of a region untouched by man. In this position, players won’t be the architects of the city, placing buildings individually, instead they’ll create zones designated as residential, farming, resource collection, etc. Polymorph’s in-house game engine, Hurricane, will take care of the rest. This is meant to give cities a more organic feel as opposed to a grid system that may develop in other city simulators.

Players who like controlling every detail of a building will be able to do so with monuments, which can be custom-made using prefabricated parts that can be stretched or shrunk, then stuck together to create a custom architectural marvel.

Keeping the Populous Happy

Procedurally generated quests and events relating to the narrative will keep the experience fresh while players try to meet their inhabitants’ needs and unlock new buildings. Depending on how players react to events and what buildings they construct, their relationship with the Nobility, Clergy, and Peasantry will change. Having a high score in any of these could allow players to create different types of buildings, such as a winery or monastery for being on the Clergy’s good side.

On top of all of this, mod support is planned to be implemented through the Steam Workshop. Polymorph Games is looking for $75,000 CAD (just under $60,000 USD) on their Kickstarter to make the game a reality.