With the early access release of My Time At Portia, players have a whole new world to explore.

Set in a vast and imaginative world full of monsters, treasure and a bevy of materials, the game is already shaping up to be a hit among farming life sim and adventure game fans. That said, there are more than a few risks and dangers lurking at the edges of this world or even in plain sight, and you’ll need all the help you can get to survive. To that end, I’ve collected a totally legitimate survival guide detailing my first play through of the game to give you a point of reference for success.

Day One

Upon my arrival, I was greeted by the mayor of the town and given a ramshackle hut once owned by my father. It seems like I was invited here to clean the place up, but only a sucker would fall for that trick. There’s adventures to be had, and restoring an old wooden shack isn’t one of them.

Instead, I ran off the first chance I got and started looking for resources I could corner the market with. There was wood lying all over the place, so I figured it wasn’t worth that much and avoided it. Manure, on the other hand, was ripe for the taking, and considering the farm sim-vibe this place gives off, it has to have some long lasting value to the town’s economy.

After filling my inventory with farm animal dung, I decided to get to know some of the towns folk. Everyone seems amicable enough, though their ways of conversing are strange and abstract. Everyone is surprisingly open to rock paper scissors competitions, and even become friendlier when they lose. No skin off my nose though; as a firm supporter of the “rock always wins” philosophy, I shall crush all challengers, and gain their love and admiration.

Day 2

This is a truly dangerous place. I lost every one of my rock paper scissors challenges and now stand at 50 losses. How could they have seen through my flawless strategy?!?

Never the less, there is still hope on the horizon. A letter from the mayor’s office arrived informing me that two dungeons are open for exploration. In due time, I will claim untold riches from these ruins and establish a new manure trade empire within the city.

For now though, I need to train for the dangers that could lie within. Surrounding the town are a variety of colorful creatures from rainbow llamas, to top hat wearing rabbits. Though the llamas may appear to be the weaker prey, the rabbits are the clear target. Not only are they smaller, but they have hats far fancier than anything anyone in town is wearing. I’ll take one down and wear its hat with pride, distinguishing myself as a future leader of business and commerce!

On my way out of the house, I noticed a treasure chest sitting directly across the street. Tempting as it was to open up, one can’t fall for such simple ploys. Besides, it’s not like someone would put something valuable and helpful right at the start of an adventure, right?

Five Minutes Later

The rabbits… The rabbits… They’re too strong. I was nearly torn apart within seconds and my bare fists did next to nothing to them. The world grows cold as my wounds take me. To the ones that find my body, know that I died as I lived, fighting valiantly in the pursuit of grandeur.

Also, I’m sorry for the stench. God only knows what will become of all this manure now.

My Time at Portia is our February 2018 Game of the Month. Be sure to check out the rest of our My Time at Portia coverage.

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