Nine Parchments can be a deceptively tricky experience; not just when going solo, but even when taking up arms alongside 3 companions. As I mentioned in a recent review of the game, an entire new set of dynamics crops up with additional players that you must be mindful of. Despite the extra firepower additional wizards provide, these situations come with their own set of precautions. With the clutter of allies and projectiles that can quickly crowd the confined environments, just staying alive and avoiding friendly fire can turn into a delicate dance of death.

Thus, I’ve decided to come up with a handful of brief strategies for fellow Nine Parchments apprentices that can go a long way in pulling your weight online. Implementing these will lessen your chance of annoying your friends and strangers alike, and becoming the albatross that drags your team down.

#1: Take up a Healing Spell – and Use it!

Upon jumping into a game, you’ll only be granted a handful of spells. This means others will have a limited selection too, and chances are good that there will be a lack of healing spells to fall back on, at least early on. Help fill this void by investing in a healing spell from the outset, or soon after, and focusing some of your efforts on being the makeshift healer. Over time, this can prove just as beneficial as going on the attack, if not moreso. Your frequently injured teammates will thank you for it.

#2: Combine your Spell Efforts

One neat aspect of Nine Parchments is the ability to combine the strength and effects of your channeling spells. It can be a bit tricky to pull off the right angle, and you do risk the potential of friendly fire. Yet, when done correctly, these massive elemental beams can pack quite a punch..

#3: Evade, Evade, Evade!

It can be tough to avoid the cluster of hazards engulfing you during those particularly heated battles. This is especially true when you have 3 other players, and a smattering of baddies, all peppering spells at once. The rule of thumb here is – if you’re struggling to make a huge offensive impact, at least go on the defensive. Fall back and stay out of danger while you gather yourself; perhaps get ready for a revive, act as a distraction to foes, or whip out a healing spell. This avoids the potential of excessive revives, which put team members in harms way.

#4: Don’t Beat Yourself!

Perhaps the simplest, yet most vital action you can take to avoid bringing your group down is to simply not to get in your own way. This means – don’t fall down pits (a mishap that’s deceptively easy to fall into), avoid friendly fire, and avoid getting killed by your friends’ fire. You’ll also want to be sure to use one of your higher level avatars, as weaker characters can drop insanely fast.

#5: Mix and Match your Arsenal of Spells

When you’re prompted to pick your spells – and when you’ve unlocked a new one – you’ll be able to see which spells your allies hold as well. Be mindful of this, and perhaps diversify the types of elements and behaviors of your spells. This will enable your team to be more versatile and handle a number of situations. For instance, the group may be rocking an abundance of ice spells, but when a gaggle of ice monsters unexpectedly drops in, you’ll be the savior with your fire beam.

Much of the secret of making a deep run through the stages of Nine Parchments lies in simply in practice, xp grinding, and getting used to the multiplayer dynamics. Yet, implementing these subtle techniques can help jump-start you into some more efficient dungeon crawling, while minimizing rage-quits from you and other players alike. Happy casting, wizards!

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