Cliqist’s award-winning* YouTube series Kicked! is back again. Today we’re delving back into the world of Star Citizen. Developed by Wing Commander mastermind Chris Roberts and his company Cloud Imperium Games, Star Citizen’s crowdfunding campaign was the most successful ever.

How’d that Happen?

Star Citizen has flown under the radar quite a bit since its inception way back in 2012. That’s pretty surprising given it has a loud fan base always craving more content and just as many vocal detractors ready to tear it, and creator Chris Roberts, to pieces every time he farts. And when you consider Star Citizen is the highest funded crowdfunding campaign of all time, then it becomes apparent that this isn’t something the mainstream gaming community should be ignoring.

But how can it be the most successful crowdfunding campaign ever if the Kickstarter only raised $2,134,374? Because Roberts ran a second campaign on his own website alongside the Kickstarter that has to this day raised nearly $180 million. But not all of that came from the pockets of backers, instead a lot of that has come from overpriced microtransactions.

For more about Star Citizen‘s two crowdfunding campaigns, check out the video above. You can also subscribe to Cliqist’s YouTube channel for videos in our Star Citizen series covering what happened next, and how the game is looking today.

Josh Griffiths

Josh Griffiths

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Josh Griffiths