Another Sight centres on Kit, a teenage girl who loses her sight in an accident while exploring the unfinished London Underground tunnels of 1899. But her blindness doesn’t stop her from continuing to adventure, with the help of a fluffy feline friend called Hodge.

another sight

The game takes a creative approach in how Kit conceptualises her surroundings. Without sight, she relies on sound to build up a mental picture. However, people she meets can influence that picture. For example, in a level where she speaks to Claude Monet, noisy areas light up in watercolours. In this way, each area’s aesthetic is different based on the historical figure within.

Creative Director Andrea Basilio explained that they wanted to go beyond simple “echolocation” mechanics, and questioned how blind people actually build up an internal map based on their other senses.

Kitty Companion

another sight

Hodge the cat, on the other hand, is fully sighted, so the player can use them to scout ahead, as well as squeezing them through tight gaps or having them leap to high places to find new paths forward.

The game’s demo involved balancing these two characters’ abilities in order to explore some of the subterranean construction site, before offering a glimpse at the strange world that the pair stumble upon underneath the city of London.

Basilio explained that the game will have players investigate the mysteries of this secret place, and have Kit learn about trust and friendship, when it releases on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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