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Josh Griffiths
1 Min Read

A Hat in Time, the Kickstarter-funded 3D platformer that succeeds in every department where Yooka-Laylee failed, finally got itself a console release date. Released earlier this year in October on PC, the game received good reviews and has grown a cult following, and now players…

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Nathaniel Liles
2 Min Read

  A Hat In Time Previewed By Nathaniel Liles [divider] When I first saw A Hat in Time, it was love at first sight, so if you’re looking for the one person on the internet who didn’t like the game, you’re looking in the wrong…

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David Lins
3 Min Read

CAUTION: Minor spoilers ahead. Consider yourself warned. [dropcap size=big]E[/dropcap]veryone wishes they could have a single superpower. Flying, invisibility, being Batman, time travel, and immortality are usually pretty high on the list. I hate heights though, and being invisible sounds really cool at first until you…