bitr2Battle Isle is back!  If there’s $75,000 out there it may get even better.  The classic strategy game is looking to return to glory with it’s original designer via a recently launched Kickstarter campaign.  The new game, titled Battle Isle : Threshold will feel familiar to fans of the originals, but with several changes over previous entries in the series.  The most significant change that the team at Stratotainment are talking about is the lack of a grid map.  The game will still play on a grid mind you, it just won’t be visible.  It’s up to you to decide what kind of improvement that represents.  A more significant change for the series is that it’s coming to Earth.  Previous entries in the Battle Isle series took place on planets far far away, but now the aliens are coming here to teach us a lesson in the days just after WW2.  Did I mention that the game is being developed for IOS?  Now, before there’s a grognard revolt, desktop versions are being planned, sort of.  Windows and Mac versions will happen if the team can surpass it’s current current $75,000 funding target and hit the $135,000 stretch goal.

More game features include :

  • Over 20 campaign missions included
  • Additional bonus missions to bolster your armory
  • Tremendous re-playability; dozens of hours game play
  • Features late WWII tanks, aircraft and weaponry including advanced prototypes based on historical data
  • Alien technology based on plausible engineering and science
  • Merges land and air combat through the Proprietary Battle Isle Integrated Command System (BI-ICS)
  • Free movement system provides a more granular level of control

The Kickstarter campaign for Battle Idles : Threshold runs until October 6th.  It’s objective is to help the game continue to improve in quality.  The game is scheduled to be released later this year.  While you’re waiting check out the official website for more screenshots, news updates, and a nifty comic series.

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