lucidmainVoxcore’s survival horror game, Lucid, completed it’s Kickstarter campaign earlier today.  Congratulations to the team for successfully hitting their $2,000 funding target, and surpassing it by a few hundred bucks.  This means they can submit their title to the Indie Games Festival, as well as continue with development.  As it stands now Lucid is scheduled to be released in early 2014.

Here’s a bit from our previous coverage of the game giving some details on how it will play :

In Lucid, there are no weapons. Each level will have a different light source that matches the environment of the dream. The monster in each level will be roaming the map. Searching for you. The player will have two methods of survival. To hide, or to distract.

Each dream will offer many hiding places to keep away from the monster within. A heartbeat monitor will show your heart rate. The closer the monster gets, the faster your heart beats. If the monster gets too close, you will wake up and be forced to re-enter the nightmare.

If you are unable to find a suitable hiding spot, there will be interactive objects the player will be able to throw in order to distract the monster. Buying you time to find a place to hide, or continue on in order to complete the objective at hand.


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