bigstorylittleheroesVandal Games has launched a Kickstarter for their currently available browser based MOBA game, Big Story Little Heroes.  Described as a mix of Fat Princess, DOTA, and Ragnarok Online, Big Story is an isometric viewed action title set in a cartoonish world.  A bit of a change from other titles in the genre.  The game is currently playable via this Facebook Apps link, and in fact the official website says there’s over 100,000 players active, with the Kickstarter page stating that over 300,000 people have participated in the beta. Wow.  So why the Kickstarter?  They looking for completion funds, pretty simple.  In fact, we’ve broken it down to a quick three step process :

  1. Check out the Kickstarter
  2. If still interested; check out the game
  3. If still interested think about becoming a backer


Funding for Big Story Little Heroes runs until November 13th.  The game can be found right here.  You can also check their popular Official Facebook page.

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