night in the woods2Infinite Fall’s Kickstarter campaign for the very Wes Anderson meets Where The Wild Things Are adventure game, Night In The Woods, has obviously made a connection with people.  Who knows whether it’s the teams’ prestigious background, the unique concept, the beautiful trailer, or all of the above.  After hitting their funding target in about 24 hours, the project has gone on to fly past its $50,000 goal and is now north of $100,000.

Night In The Woods features a diverse cast of appropriately anthropomorphized animal characters as they come of age in a once strong working class town.  There’s no question the game will feature plenty of ‘feels,’ andbased on the developers’ history it should play just as beautifully as it looks.

This entry is short simply not because there’s nothing to talk about, but because you should be spending less time reading about Night In The Woods, and more time checking it out for yourself, and maybe even donating.

The Kickstarter campaign for Night In The Woods runs until November 22nd.

night in the woods1

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