iNK Stories have launched the Kickstarter campaign for their history lesson of a game, 1979 Revolution.  To say that 1979 uses the Iranian Revolution as a backdrop would be a bit of a misstatement, it uses that chaotic time almost as a character in the game.  Evading patrolling security forces, witnessing in-game protests and then learning about the actual events, navigating through riots, and even trying to save friends using field triage.  The game follows the fictional character Reza, a young photojournalist, as he gets caught up in the excitement of revolution only to have it light a rage filled fire within due to the loss of a friend.  After the initial revolution is over Reza learns that figuring out who the bad guys are isn’t as easy as looking at a flag.

1979 Revolution has been getting a lot of press, and for good reason, the guy in charge has an impressive list of game credits to his name, and the story is unique and thought provoking.  And the graphic novel artwork in the cutscenes is fantastic.


However, here’s a look at the in-game graphics.  The difference is jarring, particularly considering the AAA talent at work on the game.


With that being said, graphics aren’t everything are they?  The hope is that the story and gameplay are compelling enough to overlook any technical shortcomings.

The 1979 Revolution Kickstarter campaign runs until December 15th and has a funding goal of $395,000.

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