rainworld2There are two things in this world that I hold to be true.

1 : Cats are cute

2 : Slugs are not cute

Along comes Rain World to shatter all I know.  The main character of this side scrolling 16 bit inspired throwback is an adorably disgusting Slugcat.  Help your disgusting cute curiously furry gastropod friend navigate a harsh environment full of relentless enemies, environmental obstacles, and the deadliest rain this side of Raymond Chandler’s pipe.

rainworld3While the graphics in Rain World may not blow you away, you owe it to yourself to at least check out the Kickstarter video, it does a great job of showing off the smooth physics based gameplay and treacherous world.  Jumping, sliding, and oozing (eww) your Slugcat around the various environments looks like it could make for a great time.

Development on Rain World has been going on for nearly three years at this point, with all the details you could ever want available on this TIGSource thread.  At this point the developers are looking for $25,000 to put some polish on the project and get it out to the world.  You’ve got until February 13th to help them make it happen.

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