reven2If there’s one thing that people on Kickstarter love it’s a good Metroidvania game; and rogue-likes, lots and lots of rogue-likes.  Back to the Metroidvanias, those side scrolling action titles with light RPG elements that are so adored.  The latest one to hit Kickstarter is ReVen, a futuristic side scrolling platformer, from Varia Games.

In ReVeN you play the role of SyReK, a robotic bad-ass who has landed on the mysterious planet XR-Keres.  As players guide SyReK through XR-Keres they’ll come across enemies both large and small with a variety of combat abilities.  By using minerals found through the environment players can craft new abilities for SyReK to use, and even modify SyReK’s various systems to change how much of an emphasis to put on each ability.  In addition to the crafting and suit modification, ReVen features the usual feature you’d expect from such a game, such as a wide variety of weapons, diverse environments to explore, and some epic looking boss battles.

The ReVeN Kickstarter campaign has a funding goal of $18,000 and wraps up on February 22nd.

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