shiningempire2For every classic RPG fanatic, there’s someone out there who’s convinced he can do a better job, and not all of those jerks are willing to take the time out of their busy schedule to actually learn how to make a game. Luckily for those of us who want some creative control over our games, Shining Empire, from long-time RPG devs Arcade County, has re-launched its Kickstarter campaign.

Shining Empire will allow players to inhabit a giant, ever-changing RPG world, although the former MMORPG dynamic has been reworked into a single-player experience. The game revolves around building your own cities from the ground up in addition to the tried and true RPG gameplay players have enjoyed for years, but there’s more to this Kickstarter than just the game.

Players are also given access to Empire Anvil, the very same toolset used by the devs to create the main game. Here’s where the real customization comes in. With Empire Anvil you can build your very own assets, write your own music, and with enough time, make an entirely new game which can then be shared through Shining Empire and played by people far and wide. Couple that with the game’s unlimited army building and massive battles, and you’ve got a formula for rich content that will keep on coming long after the devs finish enhancing the game with 2 years of planned free updates.

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