darkblood2The Kickstarter campaign for Darkblood Chronicles is an unusual one.  The developer, Dorian Tokici, doesn’t just have some sketches, concept art, or even a prototype game ready; the JRPG game he’s funding is already done.  In fact, it was released back in December and has already earned a pretty positive review here and there.  So why Kickstarter?  Is this one of those “we don’t need your money, we’re doing this just for our Steam Greenlight campaign” Kickstarters that annoy me so?  Not really.  During the time that Darkblood Chronicles was out Dorian was able to gather a ton of feedback, and he’s looking to raise some money in order to make some significant cosmetic improvements to the game.  If Dorian is able to raise $16,000 by March 30th he’ll be adding a large number of musical tracks, having someone do additional proof reading to ensure the script is tight, making numerous animation enhancements, and redoing the artwork in several areas of the game.

Head over to the Kickstarter page to see some fairly dramatic before and after images and  hear some sample music.  When you’re done browsing, think about backing Darkblood Chronicles, it would appear there’s less risk than usual with this one.

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