spate1With so many games being funded over the last couple years it can be tough to keep track of the status of everything.  If you’re a backer then there’s the daily flood of emails telling you what’s happening, and if you didn’t back then you better hope you remember to followup on some of the more promising projects.

With that being said, Cliqist is here to help you stay up to date on as many projects as we possibly can through news, previews, announcements, and more.

spate2Today we’re taking another look at Spate, a 2.5D platformer set in a gloomy cyberpunk world.  The developer, Eric Provan is from the magical world of Hollywood where he worked on a large number of projects in various artistic capacities, including Frozen; squeeeeeeeel!  That being said, how’s the development on Spate going?  It was funded in May 2012, otherwise known as the glorious afterglow of the Double Fine Adventure campaign, and was scheduled to be released last year.  Are the backers revolting?  Is Eric complaining about the crushing fame and industry adoration he’s met as a result of his Hollywood work delaying the game?

Nope, things appear to be going smoothly.  There have been a number of beta releases in the last few months, some new screenshots, it even got approved on Steam GreenlightSpate is currently on pre-order through its official website for $10, with the option to spend an extra $15 for entry into the beta.  The current release date of March 2014 is right around the corner with no obvious signs of it being pushed back again.

Look for us to have more info on Spate as it nears release.

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