novellyfundedHello and welcome to the latest edition of Novelly Funded! Visual novels may be one of the most misunderstood genres in the West, but I’m hoping Novelly Funded will help to chip away at the confusion. Last time, I introduced the intriguing world of visual novels to some of you which means it’s the perfect time to dive in with some recently funded titles! Let’s start off with discussing visual novels that are fairly friendly to the “average” gamer. Today’s selection of titles is focused on ones that include gameplay elements straight out of the RPG, RTS, and puzzle game world!


vnmylittledictatorMy Little Dictator

Developer: WarGirl Games

Development status: In development

Fully funded at the start of this year, My Little Dictator appears to be an incredibly odd visual novel and RPG hybrid. First, let’s look at the story. It is an alternate take on World War II, where the Axis and Allies are ruled not by men but teenage girls instead. Yep, this is not going to be a serious game in the least! Players assume the role of General Yamato, apparently the only guy in government, who is tasked with bringing Japan to victory in the war. Along the way, he will fall in love with one of the dictators.

As this is a game focused on war, RPG elements seem right at home. So far, gameplay looks focused on strategically choosing an enemy nation to engage from a map view. Then, you can enter into 2D turn-based combat with the opposing armies fighting for supremacy. As of right now, RPG battles also correlate to the story. If you want to win the heart of a very special dictator then you’ll have to take out their enemies!



Developer: Love in Space

Development status: In development – Demo

Do you like your alternate realities presented as far future tales instead of rehashes of history? Perhaps Sunrider will be up your alley. This sci-fi visual novel sets you up as Kayto Shields, the new captain aboard Sunrider. You’ll have to make tough choices as well as gain the approval of your ship’s crew – or do everything wrong so they abhor you. Of course, appealing particularly to one crewmate will likely cause some interstellar romance.

As the captain, you’re tasked with exploring the galaxy and fighting against PACT revolutionaries who seek to control all of humanity. This means you’ll need to think strategically about picking fights, as well as how to deck out your very own mechs. Once in battle, the tactical turn-based engine comes into play which should help to make RPG or RTS players feel right at home.



Developer: Seirie

Development status: In development

Taking a different slant from the other two titles presented, HuniePop is a much stronger example of the dating sim subgenre of visual novels. Players work at increasing their character stats by exercising, studying, and a variety of other tasks hoping that they may impress the woman of their dreams. However, the game diverges from the rigamarole of most dating sims by including another gameplay element in the form of match-3 puzzles.

Match-3 is the name given to puzzles that players clear by matching three of the same colored block in a row as more pile up on screen. This gameplay comes about during your dates with one of the 12 ladies. Match enough of the right tokens and affections may very well rise, culminating in a wonderful new relationship.


These are just a handful of the wealth of visual novels out there with deep gameplay elements in them. If you’re excited to see what other visual novels have to offer then keep an eye on Cliqist for future editions of Novelly Funded. Whether you’re into action, romance, drama, sci-fi, or anything else, there’s always a visual novel out there for you!

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