basketwars2I see it every day… On the news, in the magazines, on the internet… Every day, more and more war and destruction. But not a damn basketball in sight. Well, Jabb Studios is working hard on a fix for that problem, because within two weeks, we’ll have what the world has been aching for since the 1940s: a basketball game set during World War II. Coming to iOS and launching the day the Kickstarter ends, BasketWars: World at War is a spectacle of what can happen if a true American really applies himself.

“So how,” a sane mind asks, “did you make a basketball game about WWI?” “Well, it’s simple,” a complete lunatic answers, “The Axis has power stations set up at every base, powering their defenses. Luckily for us, we’re basketballs, and the power generators are shaped like basketball hoops. What you do is as simple as normal basketball, but as exciting as war!” In a nutshell, the game revolves around four basketballs fighting against The Axis, each with unique skills, and your job as a player is to maneuver these balls into basketball hoops to open Axis troops up to the sweet, sweet flames of Democracy. Each ball has a unique ability, and the physics-based gameplay takes advantage of bosses, tanks, mortar fire, turrets, and more to make sure getting to that hoop is a true test of patriotism.

BasketWars: World at War is slated for a very near release on iOS, and developers say that they plan on adding tons of content to the game post-release. The game will feature an In-App-Purchase system that will allow you to buy a special currency to expedite your journey through war-torn Europe. Developers Jabb Studios have expressed interest to expand to other platforms, but for now they’re still seeking funding on Kickstarter.

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