unearth2It’s nice to see a sandbox game come out that truly seems to have some thought put into it. It’s easy to put together a Minecraft clone, and people will play it because people like playing with LEGOs, but when someone puts an interesting twist on the genre, it often changes everything; and The UnEarth Initiative game has more than just a couple twists. Following sandbox form, the game plops you on a deserted planet with a broken spaceship and little means to survival, so you have to utilize your environments while surviving it at the same time to carve out your little piece of the world. In The UnEarth Initiative, however, your goal is to colonize the planet.

In a distant future, Earth’s highest powers decide that the best way to solve the overpopulation problems that will certainly plague the Earth someday is to send all the criminals and idiots to space with a few supplies and maybe, like, a cookie or something. You command a handful of the aforementioned idiots/criminals/what have you, and your only goal is to survive and make the planet you now call home a nice place to live.

The game sets itself apart by adding little robots that have big potential. These little dudes, called, Rovots, basically run on Java script, so you can program them to do literally anything. You can even share the coding with all your Java-savvy friends, so people can collaborate, share, and edit programs to make those little Rovots more and more useful all the time! Combine that with an actual story line and character personalities, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a good game. The UnEarth Initiative, currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

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