dragonfinsoup2A pair of industry vets has started a Kickstarter campaign for the unusually titled Dragon Fin Soup; a roguelike inspired turn based tactical RPG.  Shockingly enough they’re bucking the current trend of ultra pixellated graphics in favor of something a bit more modern, but don’t worry, the game itself is decidedly old school in nature.  In Dragon Fin Soup players control Little Red Riding Hood Red Robin, a girl who lives on Asura, a huge dragon/turtle that floats through the “multiverse of space-time.”  If trippy storytelling isn’t your thing Dragon Fin Soup offers a survival mode in addition to the more traditional story mode.  In survival players can explore the procedurally generated world of Asura at their own pace, complete with various monsters, dungeons, and sweet sweet permadeath.

Here’s a quick list of some of the more notable features taken from the Dragon Fin Soup Kickstarter page:

  • Collectible Pet Familiars – You can have up to 2 pets familiars active at the same time. You will be able to collect a variety of pets each with their own stats and level that will grow while fighting at your side.
  • Dynamically Generated World – The world of Asura is dynamically generated with a large numbers of prefabricated landmarks, scripted events and random gameplay elements.  Our dungeons features a wide range of compelling locations and layouts for you to explore such as Spider Forests, Ice Caves, Abandoned Mines, Scorching Deserts, Mushroom Forests, Haunted Mansions, Castles, Ancient Ruins and much much more.
  • Extensive Crafting – Loot everywhere! While cutting down foes and trees, digging and exploring you will find gazillions of items that can be used to craft new gear, food, magic potions and what not!
  • Interactive Environment – In the world you can destroy, move or manipulate a wide range of props, trees, rocks, blocks, and chests.
  • Mini Games & Puzzles – Tired of killing? Kick back and relax! Go fishing or pick up a shovel and dig some holes into the ground, who knows what you may find?
  • NPCs for Hire – Having trouble with a mission or need company? Hire some muscle! Badass Sword specialists, Metal Head Rangers or a dude who will carry your purse are at your service!
  • Unpredictable Weather & Day/Night Cycles – Each time you visit or revisit a location a new kind of weather will be picked randomly.  Day and night cycles gradually progress the more game turns pass. Beware of dangerous monsters rumored to hunt during specific times!dragonfinsoup3

The Kickstarter page for Dragon Fin Soup features large amount of info about the game, including the standard lore and background info, as well as several screenshots, and a good amount of gameplay footage.  At the moment the gameplay footage is a little disorienting because it feels like it’s on fast forward, but there’s plenty of time to see how things evolve since the campaign runs until April 11th.

Greg Micek

Greg Micek

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Greg Micek
Greg Micek
Greg Micek