novellyfundedHello again! Did you enjoy our previous issues of Novelly Funded and feel the need to come back for even more? Luckily I’ve got you covered with another batch of visual novels worth looking into. This time around our focus is on titles that are all about romance. Some gamers are really frightened by this notion but I promise you that romantic games can, and often are, fantastic! If you’d rather take a gentler first step into visual novels then check out Issue 2 which focused on visual novels with heavy gameplay elements.


Coming Out On Top

Developer: Obscurasoft

Development Status: In development – Demo

comingoutontopComing Out On Top is perhaps one of the most exciting visual novels born of Kickstarter. Developed by Obscurasoft, this title focuses around a college aged fellow who comes out as gay to his friends. There is a market for gay-focused visual novels in Japan, but almost all of those games have remained untranslated. Does that mean there’s not interest for the same in the West? Nope! Coming Out On Top being funded 772% over its goal should prove that point.

The game promises a comedic, sexy, and suspenseful storyline when it launches later this year. Players can look forward to choosing from a variety of hunks to date, each with their own distinct personality and look. As with most visual novels, this one features a ton of decision points which will lead you down the path to your preferred Prince Charming. Just note that if you’re not 18 you’ll need to wait to play Coming Out On Top as this is a game with adult situations!



Developer: Wakagana

driftwoodDevelopment Status: In development – DemoWhat if you’re looking for a game with a more serious tone? Perhaps Driftwood will be up your alley. In this game, players assume the role of a high schooler after he’s experienced a traumatic event. At the decision of his parents, he is moved to a boarding school far away from his previous life and memories. There he will deal with the challenges he faces alongside the new classmates.

Your character will be able to pursue routes with four romanceable women. Or, they can check out the one non-romance related route. As with many other romantic visual novels, Driftwood is also set to include adult content. However, you’ll be able to turn that off if you don’t wish to be exposed to it. The game will be completely free when it launches which means Driftwood is also a great option for gamers on a tight budget.


Seduce Me

Developer: Seraphim Entertainment

Development Status: In development

seducemeAre otome games more your style? Otome is a term that defines visual novels with female protagonists that typically pursue relationships with male characters. If so, then Seduce Me is a title that you’ll definitely want to keep tabs on. The story begins with a high school senior who is bequeathed her late grandfather’s estate. Once there, she realizes the home is already inhabited by five handsome – but injured – men.

Oh, and by the way, the dudes also happen to be incubi. Incubi, mythologically known for preying on women, hardly seem like the kind of house guests anyone would want to keep. And yet, they are allowed to stay in the home to serve its new master until they heal. Who knows what sort of situations it will lead to, but the developer has made sure to state the game is for ages 16 and over. Make the right choices to hopefully nab the guy that you’re after! Did I mention it’s free? How could anyone turn that down?


Hopefully this list of romantic visual novels reveals that there’s an exciting amount of variety available in the genre. Of course, even this smattering of games with gay and straight romance hardly covers the wide realm of possibilities for love! Hopefully soon we’ll see other crowdfunded visual novels that further expand the kinds of romance we can experience in games.  If you’re excited to see what other visual novels have to offer then keep an eye on Cliqist for future editions of Novelly Funded.


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