wings2Wings: Remastered Edition, the hopefully epic upgrading of Cinemaware’s classic WWI fighter game, is chugging along the development tracks after a successful Kickstarter campaign in December 2013..  Recent updates detailed items such as the musical score, their continued journey on Steam Greenlight, the opening of their backer forums, and the loss of original Wings music composer and co-writer Ken Melville.  Despite the news not always being pleasant, progress is being made.

wingsofferHowever, I was recently sitting in my rich mahogany detailed study reading old gaming magazines and came across something interesting.  The image to the right is from the October 1990 issue of Computer Gaming world; which we all know is the one with the fantastic Red Baron cover.  As you can see they were offering a couple of Wings related prizes, the best of which being that 10 lucky entrants would win a copy of the game.  There’s no expiration date listed, so let’s see what questions we need to answer to get a free copy, provided 10 other smarty pants haven’t already stepped forward.

  1. How many games are currently included in Computer Gaming World’s Hall of Fame?
  2. How many Cinemaware products are included in CGW’s TOP 100 Games (October 1990 issue)?
  3. Which was the first Cinemaware product to be named as the top strategy game in CGW?
  4. Which was the first TV Sports product released by Cinemaware?
  5. Which Cinemaware product was nominated by CGW as the top Action Game of 1990?
  6. What is the title of the first personal combat simulation game from Cinemaware?
  7. What is the first Cinemaware product to feature live actors, real film backdrops, and animated computer graphics on a CD ROM format?

Some tough questions there, some that only someone with a hefty addiction to buying old game magazines on EBay could answer; or possibly Russell Sipe, founder and original Editor In Chief of Computer Gaming World?  Of course, lets not forget about the CGW Museum.

Maybe Cinemaware will be awesome enough to re-open the contest to cover Wings: Remastered Edition for us with some slightly modified questions?  Fingers crossed!

While you await your chance to win a free copy of Wings: Remastered Edition be sure to check out the official Wings website, as well as the regular Kickstarter updates.  Although the Kickstarter is over the team at Cinemaware are still accepting new backers in the form of Paypal contributions.  Funding currently stands at $95,500, which means that the Mac version, 5 extra missions, and that original and remastered sounds will be enabled.  Only $4,500 until a new alternate ending animation and new funeral scene is unlocked.

Greg Micek

Greg Micek

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Greg Micek
Greg Micek
Greg Micek