kaptain3Adventure games have recently been experiencing a huge revival in the crowdfunding community. While big AAA studios shy away from the concept of a point and click adventure, rock stars in the genre have taken their recognized and industry-proven talents elsewhere. Now Kickstarter brings us things like Kaptain Brawe, a new two-part series of adventure games spearheaded by Steve Ince of Broken Sword fame. Part one is already out, and the best part is that it’s free for the duration of the Kickstarter to fund part 2.

First off, what we’re already seen of the concept art is gorgeous, and as far as adventure games go, this one ticks all the right boxes. It claims a heaping 10 hours of fully voiced gameplay inspired by LucasArts and Sierra classics, all hand painted and translated into 4 other languages in subtitles. All in all, this is just more of the same high-quality gameplay, writing, and voice acting of the original which, as I’ve already mentioned, is free to download, play, and have forever as long as you get in there during Kaptain Brawe 2’s Kickstarter campaign.

kaptain2If you’d like to snag yourself a free copy of the critically-acclaimed Kaptain Brawe, you can go over to Kickstarter where you can also learn all about the sequel. After you’ve played a little, you may see fit to donate to the lofty $150,000 goal of funding for the sequel. $150,000 may seem a bit steep, but for the talent behind all this, I wouldn’t be surprised a bit if it met a stretch goal or two, and I’d be hard pressed to say it wouldn’t be worth it. If goals are met, you can expect to be playing your copy on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS. Maybe even PS4 or XBONE if some stretch goals are met.


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