radix3One of the most commonly-used phrases I see on Kickstarter is something equivalent to “love letter to the genre”, but I very infrequently find something that takes that philosophy any deeper than an 8-bit coat of paint. I’d like to see something truly play by those retro rules and embrace the technological limitations that made creativity and innovation more than an “extra feature”. Is Radix, slick retro platformer from NewFort Studios, our knight in pixelated armor? Well, that’s for you to decide.

Open worlds weren’t easily attainable back in the days of gaming’s adolescence, but they’re damn sure possible now, and Radix embraces that, presenting us with a massive open world full of secrets to find, puzzles to solve, and platforms to… float there and be stood on. The unsung genre hiding in the description gives the game a Metroidvania feel as well as you unlock various abilities for your staff that allow you to access new areas. There’s plenty going on in Radix, and it’s your job to explore, solve puzzles, and figure it all out. The question is – Is Radix up to the challenge of creating a truly unique experience?

radix2Well, if you’re on the fence about that, you can go try the demo right in your browser and see for yourself exactly how everything looks, feels, and functions in an early state. If you like what you play, feel free to check out Radix’s Kickstarter for information on how to help NewFort meet their small $8,000 goal to bring Radix to non-DRM distribution, with Steam being the first stretch goal.


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Nathaniel Liles
Nathaniel Liles is a freelance writer, writing major, and indie musician based in Southern Indiana. While procrastinating or avoiding real-world responsibility, Nathaniel enjoys playing rhythm games, action RPGs, and very colorful games with many bright, flashing lights. You can listen to Nathaniel sing songs or download his music for free at http://nathanielliles.bandcamp.com/.
Nathaniel Liles