relive2If peeing your pants is cool, people who play horror and psychological games must be considered gods among society. And ReLive is guaranteed to do just that, scare the piss out of you.

ReLive is a first person shooter horror survival game with psychological elements developed by Inactive Pixel Studios, located in Adelaide, Australia. It begins with the player moving into a new apartment that has a bit of a troubling history. The following day, the player awakens in a strange place that resembles an insane asylum. In this structure, there are five floors, each with its own terrifying and lost spirit. These are the spirits of those who have died in this apartment building and something is holding them back in a limbo of some sort.

A voice and stray light source are the only guides on each floor.

relive1The goal per level is to avoid these spirits and solve puzzles to reach the elevator, progressing to the floor above. However, things get a little tricky if a ghost wants to get social, possibly resulting in death. The player has to be particular about their movements and carefully utilize their light sources, which differ from level to level. Players investigate and piece together miscellaneous objects to understand the story behind their not-so-friendly ghost companion.

Inactive Pixel Studios has already released a pre-alpha demo of ReLive to the public that has received quite a bit of attention from the let’s play recording community, thus gaining a following. The studio has turned to crowdfunding through Kickstarter for $3,500 AUD to finish ReLive and release it on PC, Mac, and PSN. The campaign will conclude June 18th, in case you want to throw some money at a game that strikes fear into the manliest of hearts.


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