kingdom3The upcoming Kingdom re-boot/sequel is something we’ve covered a fair amount here on Cliqist, including a recent interview with the games’ creator Thomas van den Berg.  The game looks to take what was great from the original Kingdom and slap on some improved graphics, expanded gameplay.  Given how promising the game looked you can imagine my disappointment when I got an email indicating that the Kingdom Kickstarter campaign was being cancelled.  Sure, the campaign wasn’t a runaway success, but it was on track to meet its €8,000 funding goal.  So what happened?

This did.


That’s right, the guys at Noio, creators of Kingdom, were awarded a grant of 300,000 Krones from the Nordic Game Program.  300,000 Krones, in case you’re curious, is €26,797.  That’s more than three times what the team was hoping to raise via their Kickstarter campaign.  Thomas and Noio did the right thing and cancelled their campaign; as continuing it would be nothing but a resource drain at this point.  While some backers might be disappointed about not getting their backer rewards, at least the financial future of this great looking game is a bit more secure.


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