wildwings2That’s right. Let’s get together, fly some planes, and shoot at each other. Plane and simple (hah!).

It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten my hands on an aerial combat game and for Wild Wings to make its way to Kickstarter is exciting to say the least.

Dicewrench Designs has a game project up their sleeve filled with aerocatures inspired by Hank Caruso. Wild Wings is their latest creation, an action packed air combat game prominently featuring multiplayer that celebrates military aviation and classic arcade flyers. The staff at Dicewrench Designs expresses a love for the intense multiplayer experiences connected to games like StarFox 64 and Rogue Squadron and wanted to take the fun elements of teamwork to another level. With up to twelve different customizable planes, each with a classic cartoony appearance, players will design their character as they wish and have a personalized experience.

wildwings3Wild Wings is a big project to take on; Dicewrench Designs is aiming to it a cross platform beauty for Ouya, PC, and Mac, along with iOS and Android devices. At the moment, a prototype has been developed with the appearance finalized but they need to make that final push. They’re seeking funding for $30,000 through Kickstarter to expand the prototype, finish several plane models, put together the customization menus, and put on the finishing touches for release, including refining the art style and music.

The Wild Wings Kickstarter campaign will end on June 28th, so if you’d be interested in playing an aerial combat game with your friends, Dicewrench Designs could use the support!


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