Cfrederik2liqist covers games that have been crowdfunded, either through Kickstarter, IndieGoGo or utilizing PayPal on the game’s website. But occasionally we’re going to break the rules a little bit and give some indie projects a bit of coverage. We’d been contacted by the developer for Adventures of Frederik Ceppo from HoostBank Games and it’s time to bend the rules just a teensy bit.

Please don’t pelt me with your keyboards!

There’s not a lot of information out there at the moment on Adventures of Frederik Ceppo. This is supposed to be a point and click game filled with memorable characters, based off of real people, strange events, and a quirky environment that actually mimics the weirdness of Finland. Mr. Ceppo is an odd character to say the least. It seems no matter what he does, Ceppo winds up in silly situations where he needs to be the figure of saving. Ceppo, the man practically living in a dumpster and taking pizza from homeless people, manages to be the big hero, the guy to save the day. Something has gone amuck in the town of Cesspool, Finland, and it’ll take some investigating around the town with Ceppo to figure it out.

There’s not a lot of word out about the condition of Adventures of Frederik Ceppo other than soon approaching the Beta phase. Both the Facebook and Twitter account are both tied to the indiedb page where updates are posted semi-frequently. The Twitter and Facebook page seem to be an actual narrative from Ceppo himself, as if he were using the social networks.

At the moment, the plan is to release it on Windows and Mac but there is talk of mobile platforms down the road. When more information about Frederik Ceppo comes out, we’ll surely share it with you.


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