samhydeDo you remember Dark Skyes; The My Little Pony dating simulator from a couple months back? Although the project was officially registered by Michael Harms, the real money was on the project being an elaborate prank that was the brain child of Sam Hyde. Sam is, of course, the man behind Million Dollar Extreme (MDE), a troll/prank/comedy group. So why am I bringing up a failed Kickstarter campaign that was nothing more than an attempt at trolling? Sam is back, and this time he’s asking for money for himself.

Head over to IndieGoGo and you’ll find a campaign titled “Kickstarter TV: Where Idiots Go to Spend Money on Crap.” The idea behind the campaign is that Sam needs money to honor the rewards from a previous campaign, as well as to continue his ongoing series of “Kickstarter TV” YouTube videos. Don’t get the wrong idea and think that the videos are a serious look at what campaigns are worth backing; KSTV is simply Sam mocking Kickstarter and any campaign he deems fit for targeted trolling. It’s offensive, gross, and unevenly humorous; but when KSTV is funny, it’s hilarious, especially if you follow crowdfunding. The fact that Sam is spot on with a number of his criticisms shows that he has a solid understanding of the sometimes nightmarish landscape that backers face when backing projects.

So while it’s not gaming related in any way, and even a little ironic that Cliqist of all places is mentioning it, take a look at the Kickstarter TV IndieGoGo campaign. Whether you think Sam is a genius, a troll, or someone in need of professional help, it’s nice to see someone calling out many of the things wrong with crowdfunding.

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