gataela5A few weeks back we had posted an announcement and a preview about the steampunk JRPG Gataela; we also interviewed the developer, Paige Marincak. Needless to say, we’ve covered it quite a bit; a big reason for that is because it looks like such a promising game.

Let’s bring out the fireworks and pop open the champagne, Gataela has been funded and then some! When funding closed yesterday the game had exceeded the funding goal by just a couple hundred dollars.  Sure, not enough to reach a stretch goal, but I’ve got to say that I’m pretty giddy about this one.

For those a little unfamiliar or need a little reminding, here you go. Gataela is an multilingual supported RPG supported on PC, iOS, Android, Playbook and Windows tablets about Zack, an orphan traveling across the nation of Gataela to help other victims recovering from the recent war and trying to make it to the Lord’s castle to gain reinforcements. Unfortunately, the journey there stirs up some ghosts of war that may cause some issues the country is struggling to bounce back from.

gataela2Now that Paige has the funding to finish Gataela, she can improve the appearance with new tile sets, artwork, and maps before she releases it to the public. For the four months of freedom from school the summer brings, we can expect the production of Gataela to speed up and the release date to come sooner. With the campaign concluding, Paige will be posting a post-kickstarter survey on Gataela’s site to get a feel for how the campaign went and what could be changed.

Right now, we have no informaytion regarding a beta release, but when we get a little more information about the progress of Gataela, we’ll definitely report it for our readers!


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