gog2014Did you know that the Steam Summer Sale is coming up soon? In about a week you’ll be able to purchase dozens of games that you may or may not ever play for pennies on the dollar.

But wait! Maybe you hate DRM, or refuse to support Valve until they say the words “Half Life 3” in a sentence, like your game stores with a bit more of an old-school flare, or just can’t wait a week for a big sale. Good news! GOG.com, the beloved store of old shcool, and not so old school, games has kicked off their “2014 DRM-Free Summer Sale.”

Yeah, but Greg, this is just another case of Europeans biting off the funky fresh styling’s of us Americans.”

First off, who talks like that? If you do, please don’t.

Secondly, the GOG sale is different from the Steam sale in a number of ways that may, or may not, be of interest.

  • All titles are DRM free. Play them where and when you want
  • 700+ games are for sale, with many games in the catalogue 50% off
  • Hourly flash sales
  • Flash, and whole day, giveaways
  • Gaming knowledge contests

Not too bad. Especially considering that some of the deals happening at the moment, such as the D&D Masterset, Ring Runner, Monkey Island Collection, and Sanitarium are great buys for games you may not have picked up yet.

Being who we are, lovers of all things crowdfunded, it’s worth mentioning that some of our crowdfunding favorites such as FTL, Lilly Looking Through, and Knock Knock are available for some great prices.

Of course, as soon as the Steam sale starts we’ll be all over it, but be sure to check out the GOG sale in the meantime.


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Greg Micek

Greg Micek

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Greg Micek


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Greg Micek
Greg Micek
Greg Micek