39daysnewPhilip Buchanan has been hard at work on the upcoming survival-puzzle game 39 Days to Mars, complete with a specialized engine and plenty of work to show off for the past couple months. Most recently, we got to take a look inside some new artwork and animation reels of the game’s in-game engine, and it’s really something you have to see.

39daysgifIn addition to that, the developer noted that they’ll soon be entering 39 Days into the Steam Greenlight program to try to bring the experience to a wider audience while simultaneously inserting a new analytics program into the beta currently available to backers. The data collected from these algorithms will be used by Philip to help make the experience evenly challenging and fun, trying to find the balance between difficulty and fun. This can be very hard to accomplish in a game like this, and I think the analytics side of things could yield very useful results to the developers, so expect the game to have a thoughtfully crafted difficulty and learning curve.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about this steampunk puzzler, you can check it out on Kickstarter. If you’d like to support the game, don’t be bummed because the campaign came to a close! Once the game is submitted to Steam Greenlight, you can vote for it and spread the word to help bring this game to a wider audience. And really, who doesn’t want their game on Steam these days?


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