colonisation1Colonisation: Moonbase is a construction and micromanagement simulator in which you build yourself a self-sustaining colony on the moon, and after squeaking by its funding goals last year, it looks like Colonisation is making a bit of distribution headway. After approaching Desura as a means of distributing the beta of Colonisation: Moonbase to backers, the project was fully accepted for alpha funding and is now going to be distributed on Desura upon completion.

Developer Scott Jones remarks in a recent update that this is the first step in making the game available to as many people as possible with diverse distribution, hopefully including GOG and Steam. Desura beta keys are now in circulation, and we’d love to hear in the comments how everyone is enjoying the current state of the game. You’ll also have an opportunity to support Colonisaton: Moonbase once it’s launched on Steam Greenlight at some point in the future.

Hopefully, upon the game’s final release, it will be available through all three of these distribution platforms and playable on Windows PC. The game’s key features include the ability to manage your Moonbase in a similar fashion to SimCity, with each building serving a key role in maintaining a functional and self-sufficient community on a cold, lifeless rock. The moon you’ll be building on includes real moon locations, such as “that one crater” and “those hills over there by the thing”.


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Nathaniel Liles
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Nathaniel Liles