divinity2Nerd-dom celebrity Felicia Day, actress in Buffy, Supernatural, and Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, as well as star/writer/creator of The Guild and Dragon Age: Redemption recently posted on her Facebook about the newly-released Kickstarter game Divinity: Original Sin. Day is an avid gamer who has voiced game characters, made many videos about her gaming experiences, and advocates for under-represented female gamers.

In her post, Day plugs the crowdfunded game, saying it’s the “game I’ve been waiting for since Skyrim . . . a modern Baldur’s Gate.” This sentiment approaches the original goals stated by Larian Studios on their original Kickstarter, although they originally cited another classic RPG, Ultima VII, as their inspiration.


Divinity: Original Sin’s high production quality and thorough mechanics has already earned it a lot of popular attention both before and after its release on June 30, 2014. Day’s broad gaming experience and general popularity lends her recommendation weight, and so far her post has garnered hundreds of likes, shares, and comments. Multiple people commented to say that they had never heard of the game, but were now purchasing it on Day’s recommendation.

Crowdfunded games have always operated on popularity and belief from their fans, but earning the kudos of someone with clout could make the jump from big experiment to major-league contender just a little bit easier. Then again, the very ethos of Kickstarter projects is that of scrappy underdogs with creative freedom. Time will tell whether this becomes a trend with the potential to affect the crowfunding world, or just a small instance of a gamer singing the praises of a game that well deserves it.


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