For a while there, every single video game was about zombies, and that is in no way an exaggeration (it is). The fact of the matter is that the media became completely saturated with zombies for a long time, and it became so completely banal that it’s easy to ignore anything that is now centered on zombies. They’re a cliché at this point. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s no longer possible to make a relevant and fun game about these lovable brain-eating monsters. Raw Festival is a fast-paced action game for mobile devices being developed by RawFlesh Games, and it already appears to have a very well-functioning proof of concept running on its intended platforms.


Raw Festival is a simple dual-stick shooter where your block-headed character murders the absolute goodness out of hundreds of zombies. You start out on the island of Poi’Poi, which is evidently a mythical island of eternal partying. Things aren’t so festive when the zombies show up, however, so you end up slaughtering the zombies in a festival atmosphere. The graphics are fine, if a bit minimalistic, and the artwork used to tell the story of the game is really well done. There will be multiple types of zombies, giant bosses, and weapons galore, and the one-currency monetization of this title means that there won’t be any exclusive items for paying players.

rawfestival1There are a lot of games like this, but many rely on ham-fisted monetization and nothing else. This looks like it’s going to be a fun pick-up-and-play title that won’t bar you from any of the content, and the first goal is a very low £10,000. You can even play it on your Windows phone in addition to the usual iOS and Android, so if you’ve been looking for something to download from the barren Windows App Store, this is definitely worth a look.


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