One Breath Interview. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

By Julie Morley


kingdomcome3It’s one of the most anticipated recent Kickstarter projects and we’re all dying to know what’s going on with it. Kingdom Come: Deliverance will take us back in time to the middle ages, granting players the ability to explore an open world free of dragons and magic.  Since the conclusion of its Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, Warhorse Studios has been gathering additional funding on their website via PayPal in search of the next stretch goal; improved voice and motion capture acting.  At the moment the folks at Warhorse are busy working and were only able to answer a few questions; but we’ve got a little payoff at the end.   I was recently able to speak to Jiri Rydl, Warhorses’ friendly PR Manager, about Kingdom Come: Deliverance.  It’s not extensive, but at this point any news is good news!


Cliqist : Once the $2,000,000 stretch goal is reached, what additions or changes can we expect to see to Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

Jiri Rydl : First of all we have to keep our promise and start to talk about the best voice overs we would like to hear in our game. It is not an easy task – you can’t just walk into Hollywood and talk to actors :-]


Cliqist : What has been the most challenging component for Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s development?

Jiri Rydl : The whole game is a big challenge :-] From development point of view it is probably our unique system for clothing, which helps us to create living world full of people with their own style.


kingdomprev1Cliqist : If there will be a beta for backers, is there a release date in mind for it?

Jiri Rydl : Beta should be released in Q3 2015, but you can try alpha in the meantime. Alpha version should be available in September/October this year.


Cliqist : What five words would you use to describe Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

Jiri Rydl : A first-person, open world, realistic RPG. Dungeons & No Dragons!


Thanks to Jiri for taking the time to speak with us!  Be sure to keep you eyes peeled for more Kingdom Come: Deliverance info as it becomes available!

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