jotun2Jotun is a dream Will Dube and a couple of collaborators cooked up that he’d love to seem come true. To attract further interest in the game, get tons of input for improvement, and raise funds so he can survive on Ramen for the entirety of the development, Will and his team are depending on Kickstarter for $50K CAD. Additionally, with these funds gained, he will hire on an extra programmer and artist to move along the development process for official release in September of 2015.

In Jotun, we play as a young Viking girl that has died in a disgraceful way that has stuck her in some sort of state of purgatory. Carrying her axe by her side, Thora must tread through every angle of this purgatory to prove herself to the Viking Gods and enter Valhalla. In doing so, she collects strange Runes that turn into Jotun, which are massive Norse elementals she must battle.

Inspired by The Legend of Zelda, Journey, Dark Souls, and Shadow of the Colossus, we have a beautifully designed environment married to an intense action adventure on our hands. How could you turn away from that?

Vikings? Norse Lore? An double-edged axe twice the size of Thora’s head? Fighting gods has never been more brutal.

If that’s not enough for you, for an extra $10K CAD Jotun will be released on Linux. For an extra $30K, there is a mysterious stretch goal that has been unspecified. With the addition of a full time programmer thanks to the Kickstarter campaign, we can expect an amazing Norse-themed game in the near future.



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