aegisdefenders1I’m a huge fan of pixelated games that do something a little extra. Anybody can take a few pixels and call them Jimothy, but to actually create artwork at such a low resolution takes considerable skill and an eye for detail. I’ve seen some incredible 16-bit creations, but the vast majority of them pale in comparison to Aegis Defenders and its incredible anime-influenced pixel art.

Blended hues and bright colors aside, the gameplay in Aegis Defenders looks amazing as well, seamlessly blending tower defense, RPG, and platformer elements into an experience that I am extremely excited to play. You’ll run, jump, shoot, and build, all the while switching between multiple playable characters on-the-fly to manage the defense scenario from multiple vantage points and various skill sets. Gameplay and visuals are reminicient of an evolved form of Cave Story, and you’ll explore, level up, and customize all along the way, crafting new items and unlocking new abilities throughout your travels.

aegisdefenders2One of the stretch goals will even allow us to play local multiplayer with an interesting variable split-screen system, so let’s try to get this great project funded! The base funding goal is only $65,000, which is a reasonable goal, and a very realistic one, and after looking at the ten million Kickstarters* I look at a day here at Cliqist, I don’t see any signs of scammery or malicious intent in this project. Aegis Defenders looks beautiful, fun, deep, and it looks like a ton of love and work have gone into this project already, so if you’re looking to back the next big deal, definitely give Aegis Defenders a look.

*Educated estimate

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