mundus2It seems like these days everyone on Kickstarter is trying to reinvent the wheel by putting their own slight spin on games like Terraria and Minecraft. Few games that insist on remaking one of those two games bring anything new or worthwhile to the table, so it’s really refreshing to see a game like Mundus take a step outside of the proverbial box and introduce some interesting new concepts. For instance, there are flying whales. There are entire planets populated with these flying whales. They are not your friends.

The first thing you’ll notice about Mundus is its adorable art style that really shines through in the character and creature designs. You play as a wee little astronaut, exploring planets a plenty in search of materials to keep yourself alive. The gameplay itself smacks a little too much of Terraria, but a few other elements and gameplay mechanics shown in the Kickstarter video make this title really stand out. The centerpiece of innovation here is the free-roaming space exploration, meant to provide a sense of isolation and wonder. Some gameplay footage also shows the player character mining asteroids and collecting strange little neon worms while aboard his hyperspeed-capable space vessel.

mundus3If you’d like to support the latest (and possibly greatest) survival crafting game, you can head on over to the Mundus Kickstarter page and check out some artwork, in-game footage, stretch goals, and more, and for the low, low development cost of just $7,500 CAD, you can experience this evolution of crafting on the operating system of your choice (which ones have yet to be announced).


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