UnnecessarySentience2I absolutely love a game with a unique art style. It’s what immediately engages someone. Before a person sees a drop of gameplay or storyline, they see the artwork, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone into a campaign with a bad taste in my mouth because of some lazy artwork. Sometimes the game proceeds to prove itself with great ideas and gameplay, but that initial “wow factor” a good-looking game immediately has on people definitely helps games get the funding they need. Unnecessary Sentience is one such game that looks great, but not in the typical sense. Usually when I say a game looks great, it has gorgeous 2D graphics or detailed 3D models, but this time around, the good looks of this game are a bit unconventional. Terrifying. Something like that.

I’m not trying to value artwork over gameplay here, but thinking of a game in an artistic sense (the “games are a medium of art” argument), you can’t ignore an art style that is unique and incredibly striking, especially when it’s used to drive home the point of a game. The artwork here is a fantastic Monty Python-esque mashup of photograph clippings, and the music is fantastically cacaphonic, adding to the debilitated piecework aethetic that this game wears so well.

UnnecessarySentience3The finished product will be a short point-and-click adventure for unconfirmed platforms, but it’s a pretty safe assumption that it will be made available on PC. Backers will recieve digital copies at the £5.00 tier and up, and the overall goal is a measly £1,000, so I’d definitely take a look at this one if you’re interested in playing the game or helping a college kid succeed – this project doubles as the developer’s degree project for his BA in Illustration. If you’d like to help Unnecessary Sentience reach its small goal and contribute to one cool-looking adventure game, you can back it on Kickstarter!


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