hivejump5Every now and then there’s a Kickstarter campaign that causes me to sigh heavily, sink into my seat, and get depressed for a couple days.  Believe it or not, it’s not the half-assed, scammy, or even cynical campaigns that get me in a funk; its campaigns for great looking games that are destined to fail.  Games that I want to play now, but for a variety of reasons I know are not going to hit their funding goals no matter what big name websites post about them.  The Hive Jump Kickstarter from earlier this year was one such campaign; as outlined in a piece from February the games’ Kickstarter campaign had a number of pre and post launch problems that destined it for failure.

hivejump4However!  One of the great things about Kickstarter is that if you fall short of your goals you can always tend to your wounded ego and try again.  The team at Graphite Lab have done just that with a new Hive Jump Kickstarter campaign.  Did they simply re-launch, as so many do?  Nope, they appear to have taken their time and done things right.  Gone is the overly long pitch video, and in its place is a short and sweet gameplay montage showing tons of action.  Rather than a cold launch with no social networking, the team has done quite a bit of leg work to get the word out, and have gained a nice following in the process.  The original budget of $75,000 has been pared down to a more palpable $50,000.  The tragic lack of a console version has been addressed in the form of a WiiU version, with stretch goals to bring Hive Jump to both the Xbox One and PS4.  And finally, the entire campaign appears to be much more cohesive and tight, compare the new Hive Jump Kickstarter to the old one and you’ll see the difference.

Take some time and head over to Kickstarter to check out the Hive Jump campaign.  This beautiful Contra meets XCOM meets Starship Troopers hellspawn is off to a promising start, and is in the hands of a team that won’t take no for an answer.



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