Dandy2It’s amazing how few side-scrolling shooters I see these days. Back in the days of Gradius, it seemed like everyone was trying to get in on this sweet, sweet action, but the genre’s died off a little bit. Another thing has died off as well, although not as many know enough about it to mourn its loss: candy alchemy. Well, luckily for every single one of us with dreams of a candy-based side-scrolling shooter, a new challenger has arisen to give us all what we’ve so desperately needed for so long. That shooter is Dandy, and it is certainly, undeniably, exactly that.

Wefiends, a studio based in the humble shanty town of Los Angeles, has been hard at work on Dandyworking their fingers to the bone and funding the game out of pocket. You play as the titular Dandy, searching far and wide for rare and exotic candies. On your journeys, you’re trapped in an ancient and mystical realm full of beasties and gorgeous scenery, and it’s your job to utilize the power of candy to destroy them all and save yourself from a horrible demise. You ride on a lollipop. You shoot candy at squids. It’s great fun, it’s family friendly, and it needs your help to meet its funding goal.

Dandy3If you’re on board with the unique ideas brought to the table by Dandycheck out the Kickstarter, watch some gameplay, and maybe send a pledge in the right direction. Backers get awesome merchandise, copies of the game, and several opportunities to aide in the creative process, so you can leave your mark on the world in the sweetest way possible. If you name a candy or design a powerup, we’ll all get to enjoy it on Windows PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. A $10 pledge gets you a copy of the game, so check it out!


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