Backers of The Long Dark got some good news today, which means everyone interested in he snow-bound survival sim also get good news.

First off is that the sandbox alpha has been sent to more backers (hello!).  While it doesn’t contain any of the games’ mysterious story, you can wander around the frozen Canadian forest and get an idea of the games’ look and feel.  Look for more coverage of The Long Dark using said alpha in the near future, including some gameplay videos.

Secondly are the new screenshots that were released today.  The screenshots, while nice, aren’t ground-breaking or particularly revealing.  Take a gander.

longdarkaug5  longdarkaug4  longdarkaug3  longdarkaug2  longdarkaug1


Last, but certainly not least, is that a release date for The Long Dark hitting Steam has been announced.  On September 22nd you’ll be able to buy The Long Dark via Steam Early Access.  Not everyone loves Early Access, given that it’s a way for many developers to sell games still in beta; but at least you’ll get a chance to play The Long Dark if you missed the original Kickstarter.  If you’re still on the fence why not take a look at the newly released trailer?


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