ironcastpic2The match 3 genre of puzzle games often gets a lot of flack due to being perceived as “casual.” To some, connecting 3 or more colored blocks on a grid seems too simple. If you’ve ever felt that way, then let me introduce you to Ironcast. This is a turn-based strategy game in an alternate history 19th century London where steampunk mechs battle for control over Victorian England. Sure, why not!

Gameplay features a match 3 grid in the center with visuals of both Ironcast vehicles as they wage battle. By linking 3 or more of the same node you are able to cause a variety of effects. For example, matching ammo nodes gives your mech ammo! Other nodes increase defenses or repair your machine. In a strategic twist, you must also always keep track of the Ironcast’s heat level. Overheating damages the machines which means keeping an eye on that meter, alongside matching nodes, is important.


Alongside all this Ironcast is also said to be quite difficult. That’s where roguelike elements come in. Once you lose a battle, that’s it. However, some items do carry over upon restarting which should help with subsequent attempts. I was honestly shocked to see how much gameplay detail was provided in this campaign. That was until developer Dreadbit said they’d already put tons of time into the game. Right now the title has been confirmed for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. If you like a safe bet then it might be worth pledging toward Ironcast’s goal of £10,000 (about $16,000).


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