I may not be the world’s biggest sci-fi film fan but even so I have the utmost respect for titles like Alien, Predator, and The Thing (both original and 1982 remake). There’s just something astoundingly creepy about horrifying aliens and horrified people trapped together. Outpost 13 is a point and click adventure game inspired by the likes of these movies. Although only a bit of the game has been shown so far, the concept is definitely enticing.

outpost13gifSet in the 13th outpost on a snowy alien planet, players assume the role of a dog named Fen. This isn’t any ordinary husky though as it has been contaminated by alien contact. Now Fen is simply the vessel for this monstrous being which seeks to escape its planet and wreak havoc elsewhere. As this dog/alien you must kill Outpost 13’s crew members one by one. However, this requires a good deal of stealth and strategy. If the other people discover their beloved dog is the one killing everyone off then they’ll put a fiery end to Fen.

The more people players kill, the more abilities they unlock. These new features increase methods for killing, such as poisoning and sabotage. Unlike The Thing, it doesn’t appear that the alien menace shape-shifts much. That would have been a cool addition, but seems antithetical to the game’s mission of stealthily killing under the guise of a pet. Outpost 13 is currently pegged for Windows, Mac, and Linux machines with a very manageable funding goal of $8,500.


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Marcus Estrada


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