eminence2A mobile MMORPG and TCG seems completely unheard of, and in fact, it’s such a rare combination to see. But Eminence: Xander’s Tales, developed by London-based Aeterna Studios, is something I’ve never seen before. In Eminence: Xander’s Tales, players are able to explore a virtual world and create guilds, much like in an MMORPG, but combat is significantly more complicated. Players will collect various playing cards as their continue the story campaign and use them as combat. On top of that, Eminence: Xander’s Tales allows players ultimate customization over their character and guild base.

Eminence: Xander’s Tales takes place on a dying planet stuck in one of its many stages of destruction. Amidst this chaos, all the empires on Artalys turn against one another. A legendary Alchemist, Xander, takes it upon himself to bring pieces of an ancient prophecy together to restore peace to Artalys. Players are Alchemy novices and Xander’s pupils. Pick a faction. Customize your character. And scour the world of Artalys to help Xander put an end to all the conflict.

eminence1Eminence: Xander’s Tales is planned to be released for iOS and Android devices, and as free to play. The developers have¬†been working on it for a while in their spare time and need to hire on additional artistic and programming resources. To which Aeterna Studios turns to Kickstarter to raise ¬£50K to cover it. Once certain stretch goals are met, they are planning to expand to tablets, PC, OUYA, and even next generation consoles.


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