Space-based sci-fi MMOs are undergoing a bit of a boom right now. Upcoming games such as Star Citizen have rallied tremendous support while existing titles like EVE Online continue to flourish. Is there room for more? Developer Chaos Interactive certainly hopes so as they just launched a campaign for Seldon Crisis on PC. According to them, it will be “the largest sandbox universe ever created.” Heady goals, indeed!

So what can you expect to do in Seldon Crisis? Well, everything apparently. Players in particular will be given control of the in-game economy, infrastructure, and politics. Of course, this is just the start. Players will be able to trade with others, engage in PVP, explore, customize spacecraft, join a faction, form alliances with other players, exploit/utilize discovered resources, and generally just enjoy exploring the expansive universe in a MMO environment. With all that said, this sounds like a very expensive project. Yet they are only asking for £250,000 (or $405,000-ish) for funding.


Although they’ve not really explained how they intend to make up the difference during development, they do have a plan for how to make money once Seldon Crisis launches. First, it will be one of the few remaining MMOs with a monthly subscription. It will also offer an in-game store. This is not a “pay-to-win” store, they say, but simply a way to obtain cosmetic items. Chaos Interactive has even planned for expansion packs. If and when those arrive they’ll be free of charge to all subscribers. The campaign is overall a bit frightening because of the grand scope alongside a very meager budget. Hopefully the team will end up receiving a good deal of funds over their goal to make the development process a smooth one.


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Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada